Our U20 CJSC team actively competes in the prestigious Championnats Suisses Jeunesses Des Clubs, a highly esteemed regional league that serves as a platform for showcasing outstanding young basketball talent within our area. This league specifically caters to players who have already attained significant experience and honed advanced skills, providing them with an exhilarating opportunity to compete at a heightened level of play. Our team eagerly embraces the challenges presented by this league as they strive to surpass their current abilities and pursue new milestones of success. The Championnats Suisses Jeunesses Des Clubs league enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its exceptional basketball standards, creating an environment that is both demanding and fiercely competitive. This league truly tests our players’ skills, physical capabilities, and basketball acumen, further refining their abilities. By participating in this league, our team gains nvaluable exposure to top-tier opponents, enabling them to elevate their game and develop a profound understanding of the sport. This experience also serves as a stepping stone for those aspiring to pursue a professional basketball career in the future.

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