The Dlang Training facility, located at Chemin d’Entre-Bois 21, 1018 Lausanne, is the home gym of the Dlang Training Academy. This gym provides an ideal environment for both personal and group training sessions. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of youth athletes who are looking to develop their game and skills.

The facility is equipped with new baskets and balls, ensuring that athletes have access to high-quality equipment. Additionally, the gym is equipped with worldwide equipment such as gunshot systems, which are designed to help athletes improve their shooting accuracy and form.

The Dlang Training facility aims to provide the best possible conditions for youth athletes to enhance their abilities. Whether an athlete is training individually or as part of a group, the facility offers a conducive environment for skill development and overall athletic improvement.


The International School of Lausanne Gym, situated at Chemin de la Grangette 2, 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, is a remarkable facility that caters to the needs of team practices and games. Boasting two spacious gyms with multiple basketball courts, it offers an ideal setting for sports activities.

One of the standout features of this gym is its child-friendly flooring, specifically designed to ensure the safety and comfort of young athletes. The locker rooms are meticulously maintained, providing optimal conditions for players to prepare for their games.

What sets this gym apart is its thoughtful inclusion of stands, which warmly welcomes parents and friends to cheer on their children during matches. The presence of a supportive audience creates an electric atmosphere and serves as a motivating force for the players.

Overall, the International School of Lausanne Gym is exceptionally well equipped, providing a conducive environment for team practices and games. Its commitment to facilitating a positive experience for young athletes, along with its amenities for spectators, makes it an ideal venue for sporting events.


The EHL Hospitality Business School Gym, located at Route de Berne 301, Lausanne 25, offers a truly unique experience for basketball players in Switzerland. Distinguished by its wooden floor, this gymnasium stands apart from others in the region, as such surfaces are relatively rare. The smooth and resilient wooden flooring creates an exceptional playing surface, enhancing the performance of athletes and providing them with a distinct advantage.

Not only does the gym prioritize the needs of the players, but it also caters to the comfort and enjoyment of their supporters. The stands, meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials, ensure that parents, friends, and loved ones have an excellent environment to cheer on their favorite athletes. With comfortable seating and a supportive atmosphere, the gym provides an ideal setting for an unforgettable spectator experience.

Whether it’s the exceptional wooden floor that elevates the game or the well-designed stands that enhance the supportive atmosphere, the EHL Hospitality Business School Gym truly sets itself apart as a premier destination for basketball enthusiasts in Switzerland.