The Mini Ballers CLUB program is designed for kids aged 5-9 and 9-12. It helps them get a great start in learning the basics of basketball. These basics include things like dribbling, passing, shooting, moving their feet, staying in the right positions, and more. We also help kids become better at moving their bodies and being quick on their feet.
We believe that the best way for kids to learn is by playing. This helps them use their imagination, be creative, and make friends. It also makes them feel good about themselves and more sure of who they are.
Parents are invited to join in too, so families can have fun together. Mini Ballers is a cool way for parents and kids to have fun and do something healthy.
We have 20 or 40 training sessions in 2 seasons. You can choose to come to practice 1, 2, 3, or 4 times a week. At Dlang Training Academy, you can even pick the coach you like the most. We're really committed to making sure our players get the best! Additionally, the package includes a distinctive Dlang Training Uniform.
Fall/Winter & Spring/Summer
Flexible Days
Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday
Ages 5-9: 16:30-17:30   
Ages 9-12: 17:35-18:35
Ages 5-9: 14:00-15:00    
Ages 9-12: 15:05-16:05
Saturday and Sunday
Ages 5-9: 13:00-14:00    
Ages 9-12: 14:05-15:05


Renowned as a top-tier skill development instructor, Paulo brings a wealth of experience from his NBA and Euroleague career to the Dlang Training Academy. Selected as the 45th NBA pick in 2010 by the Minnesota Timberwolves, Paulo stood out as one of the premier big men of his time. Now, he channels his extensive knowledge to nurture young basketball enthusiasts.

Following his playing days, Paulo transitioned to coaching and notably served as Head Coach for the U19 Team BC Bayern Munich. He crafted all-encompassing basketball training programs, covering personal trainings, camps, clinics, training sessions, and leagues for all ages. Paulo's journey exemplifies an unwavering passion for the sport, inspiring emerging talents both on and off the court. 


Bryan, a seasoned professional basketball player, is currently an part of BC Geneva Lions. Alongside his remarkable accomplishments, Bryan channels his expertise as the personal training, imparting his knowledge to the young talents. His impressive track record includes being a 1x Swiss Champion, a 2x Swiss Player of the Year, clinching the title of 1x DPOY, securing the TOP Scorer position in the Swiss Basketball League since 2021 and many other.

What sets Bryan apart is his distinctive approach to interacting with the kids. His dedication to every detail of the game showcases his uniqueness. With his guidance, aspiring players gain a deeper understanding of the game, elevating their skills and perspectives. So, whether it's on the court or in the camp, Bryan's commitment shines through, propelling young athletes towards their next level of excellence.


Derrick is a seasoned former NCAA and professional basketball player with a wealth of experience and knowledge that he passionately shares with young athletes. Having played internationally in countries like the USA, Brazil, Germany, and Switzerland, Derrick has gained invaluable insights into the game.
His passion for the game and commitment to nurturing young talent create an inspiring environment for those under his guidance.


Seasonal Price

550 CHF *1 session per week

900 CHF *2 sessions per week


Monthly Price

120 CHF *1 session per week

190 CHF *2 sessions per week

Days Available

Everyday* Flexible 





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