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USA Scholarships

Have the opportunity to study and play basketball in the US through our scholarship placement program at IMP. We provide an sport and education experience to help you on your journey abroad.


  • Meet the IMP team, fill out questionnaire, introduction to program possibilities, advice, IMP testimonials.
  • Highlight Video
  • Sign your IMP agreement
  • Complete American Tests (SAT, Toefl)
  • Prepare necessary documentation
  • Athlete promotion begins with Colleges,
  • Universities, Junior Colleges or High Schools NCAA/NAIA eligibility center
  • Receive scholarship offers/decisions/offers for specific programs
  • Sign letter of intent/I 20
  • Prepare documentation for Embassy interviews


Having a basketball highlight video is the single most important thing you need to have in order to receive a sports scholarship. This highlight tape should showcase the strengths of your game and show all the best plays of the current or previous season. This video should be professional quality resolution and focus on the player and moves. It should be clearly organized and divided into showing different parts of the game (Shooting, passing, ball skills, defense, dunking, etc.) We must ensure that the video is interesting throughout and that it leaves coaches wanting to learn more about you after watching.


At this point, players decide whether or not they are interested in using IMP services to help them find scholarships (Parental consent necessary for clients under 18).

Once the client has read over the agreement and accepts the terms and conditions, they will ask any final questions and sign multiple copies of the agreement.


TOEFL is a necessary test for foreign students and measures how well the student knows English in 4 sections: Reading and Answering Questions, Listening, Speaking, Essay and Composition Writing.

The SAT is a necessary test for those wishing to attend a 4 year university. It’s divided into 3 sections: Math, Reading, Writing/Essay.


International students have two options. Staying on campus as many freshmen do or living off-campus if an agreement with the coach has been made. Choosing to live on-campus allows the student to get three meals/day. Living off-campus usually means the athlete lives with 2-3 teammates in an apartment and food and living costs are divided equally among them.


Private high schools and academies in the US have slightly different living arrangements for international students. Students are usually housed by host families and have very good living situations.

The basketball coach or school decides which family the student will live with that year. This is a great experience for young players. Living with an American family provides the student the best possible situation while studying abroad during high school.


In the United States, there are two-year junior colleges and 4-year universities. Junior colleges focus more
on basic courses in math, English and lower level professional courses. 4 year schools focus more on professional majors and prepare students for a career in a specific career. School years typically start in late August and run through May. Most school years are divided into two semesters where student athletes need to take 5 classes per semester and maintain good grades in order to keep their scholarship.

Tests in classes are normally multiple choice and make up a large part of class grades. Other parts of classes require writing essays, homework, and group projects/presentations. Usually class grades A,B,C,D,F are given. The grades of all classes will be averaged and you will get a grade point average (GPA) from 0-4.0

The minimum GPA to keep athletic scholarships is 2.0.


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