Our U16 EYBL Boys Basketball Team is currently engaged in two prestigious championships: the CJSC National and the EYBL. These tournaments offer an exceptional platform for highly skilled players who aspire to compete at the pinnacle of basketball. The EYBL, in particular, provides an extraordinary opportunity for international exposure, as it attracts teams from 34 countries across Europe. This level of competition allows our players to gain invaluable experience by engaging with diverse playing styles and cultures, broadening their horizons and fostering personal growth. Moreover, our team will also be participating in the National League of Switzerland U16, which represents the epitome of basketball competition within the country. This league features the most talented young athletes, providing an intense and challenging environment that pushes our players to elevate their skills to the highest level. By participating in these championships, our U16 Boys Basketball Team is not only showcasing their talent but also developing their abilities through rigorous competition and the guidance of our dedicated coaching staff.

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